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Troubleshooting Your Grill - Electrolux 44” Stainless Steel User & Care Manual

44” stainless steel gas grill


Troubleshooting Your Grill

Grill will not light with a match or low heat
with dial set to "High" position.
Flame is erratic
Burner flame is mostly yellow or orange, pos-
sibly in conjunction with smell of gas.
Cart door does not align properly with cart
• Is your gas supply fully turned on?
• If this is an L.P. grill is there gas in your tank ?
Check your gas level.
• If this is an L.P. grill, shut off gas supply, dis-
connect gas line at tank, reconnect the line to
the tank.
• Make sure all the knobs are in the off position,
then open the gas supply valve on the L.P. tank
very slowly 1/4 turn, then open fully (at least
two full turns). Check flame height again.
• Check to insure the gas supply line or hose is
not kinked.
• If only one burner appears low, check and
clean the burner ports if clogged or dirty.
• Check for leaks.
Note - Pre-Heating time can take from 5 to 10
• Check gas connection
- look for kinked hose.
- make sure gas supply valve is fully open.
• Gas level may be low.
• Grill may be in need of cleaning.
• Check flavor grids and cooking grates for
excess food or grease build-up.
• Ensure grill is not placed directly in the path of
• Be sure drip trays are clean, (do not use alu-
minum foil on drip trays.)
Note: Some flare-ups may be inevitable if
cooking greasy foods.
• Check the burner inlet for obstructions.
Particularly at air inlets for each burner.
• Grill may be in an area that is too windy.
• Loosen the four 1/2" bolts under the grill hood
that hold grill to cart. Slide grill head left or right
as needed until door is aligned properly.
Retighten bolts.
WARNING: Move grill head gently to the left or
right on the cart! After the four bolts have been
loosened, the grill is not attached to the cart and
could fall, causing damage or physical injury.



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