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Water Connection; Electrical Connection - Westinghouse WDF901 User Manual

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Water connection

Water inlet hose
Connect the appliance to a cold water sup-
Connect the inlet hose to a water tap with an
external BSP thread spout of 3/4".
Inlet water supply
• Cold water pressure: 800 kPa max - 50
kPa min.
• Water flow rate 10 L / minute min.
• If cold water pressure is in excess of 800
kPa, a pressure reducing valve should be
used. Check for leaks.
Caution! Always use new hoses when
you connect the appliance to the water
mains. Old hoses must not be used. The
water inlet hose must be examined at an
interval of twelve months for
deterioration and replaced if necessary.
The water pressure must be in the limits (refer
to 'Technical data'). Make sure that the local
water authority gives you the average mains
pressure in your area.
Make sure that there are no kinks in the water
inlet hose and that the water inlet hose is not
squashed or entangled.
Fit the hose nut correctly to prevent water
Caution! Do not connect the appliance
to new pipes or pipes that have been not
used for a long time. Let the water run
for some minutes, then connect the inlet
Water drain hose
The highest point of the drain hose must be
no more than 60 cm from the floor and must
have a continuous fall to the plumbing con-
The drain hose can be lengthened using ad-
ditional lengths and connectors. These must
be purchased from Electrolux Spare Parts.
The extension length must not exceed 2 me-
The drain hose must be free of kinks and ob-

Electrical connection

Warning! Safety standards require the
appliance to be earthed.
Remove the sink plug when the appliance
drains the water to prevent that the water
goes back into the appliance.
If you connect the water drain hose to a trap
spigot under the sink, remove the plastic
membrane. If you do not remove the mem-
brane, remaining food can cause a blockage
in the drain hose spigot.
The appliance has a security feature to
prevent dirty water going back into the
appliance. If, the spigot of the sink has a
'non-return valve', this valve can cause
the appliance to drain incorrectly. Re-
move the non-return valve.
Caution! Make sure that the water
couplings are tight to prevent water
Ensure that hoses are not crushed or
kinked under or behind the appliance.
Once connected the inlet hose to the
water tap, turn the tap on and check that
there are no leaks.
Prior to using the appliance for the first
time, ensure that the rated voltage and

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