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Water Outlet Connection - Westinghouse 930 Fully Integrated Care And Use Manual

Fully integrated
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Water outlet connection

The end of the drain hose can be connected as
- To the sink outlet siphon, securing it if necessary
with a clip;
- To a wall outlet provided with vent-hole, minimum
internal diameter 4 cm;
The waste connection must be at a height of between
30 cm (minimum) and 100 cm (maximum) from the
It makes no difference which way the drain hose
faces, either to the right or left of the dishwasher.
Avoid bending or kinking the hose as this could
prevent or slow down the discharge of water.
If you use a drain hose extension it must be no longer
than 2 metres and its internal diameter must be no
smaller than the diameter of the hose provided.
Likewise the internal diameter of the couplings used
for connection to the waste outlet must be no smaller
than the diameter of the drain hose.
+ 2 m max
Electrical connection
Before plugging the appliance into the wall socket,
make sure that:
1. the mains voltage corresponds to the voltage given
in the technical specifications;
2. the meter, fuses, mains power supply and wall
socket can all take the maximum load required.
Make sure that the socket and plug are compatible
without having to use any type of adapter. If necessary,
have the domestic wiring system socket replaced.
Safety standards require the appliance to be
The Manufacturer accepts no liability for failure to
observe the above safety precautions.

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Table of Contents

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