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Westinghouse WSF6602WA User Manual

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WSF6602WA, WSF6602XA


Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Products must be used, installed and operated in accordance with this manual You may not be able to claim on the Westinghouse manufacturer’s warranty in the event that your product fault is due to failure to adhere this manual...
  • Page 3: General Warnings3

    GENERAL WARNINGS Please read the user manual carefully and store in a handy place for later reference Pass the user manual on to WARNING WARNING possible new owners of the appliance It is important to use your appliance safely. Check these safety points before using your appliance.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING Risk of fire and electrical shock. Dangerous voltage • If the water inlet hose is damaged, immediately Electrical connection disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket Contact the Authorised Service Centre to replace the •...
  • Page 5: Product Description 5

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Worktop Upper spray arm Lower spray arm Filters Rating plate Air vent Rinse aid dispenser Detergent dispenser Lower basket Upper basket M n -Act ve Dry ng TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS - built under - built under MODEL WSF6602WAW WSF6602XA Capa ty 13 place sett 13 place sett...
  • Page 6: Control Panel

    CONTROL PANEL Rotate the Program Selection Knob (3) to Changing a Program switch the machine on and select a suitable Follow the steps below to change a program program for your dishes. When the knob while in operation. is in the ‘Off’ position, the machine will not operate.
  • Page 7 Cancelling a Program NOTE: Do not open the door before Follow the steps below to cancel a program the program is complete. while in operation. NOTE: Leave the door slightly open Press and hold the Start/Pause at the end of a wash program to speed button for 3 up the drying process.
  • Page 8: Programs

    PROGRAM TABLE Duration Description Program (min) Fast Quick wash program for lightly soiled dishes. Delicate For heavily soiled dishes. Eco 50°C For normally soiled load A faster program for dishes which are used daily but are not Timesave heavily soiled. Heavy For heavily soiled dishes which require hygienic washing.
  • Page 9: Hints And Tips 10

    HINTS AND TIPS If one of program monitor lights is on If there are partial food wastes left on the dishes and start/pause light is flashing • Dishes are placed incorrectly into the machine, sprayed water did not reach related places •...
  • Page 10: Installation

    INSTALLATION Positioning the machine WARNING When considering the location for the dishwasher, Only turn the locking nut to secure hose – ensure that there is adequate space to enable loading do not turn the hose. and unloading of the dishes. • Do not put your machine in any location where the • The first time you use the appliance, make sure ambient temperature can fall below °C.
  • Page 11 INSTALLATION Water drain hose WARNING If you connect the water Electrical Connection drain hose to a trap spigot Remove The plug of your machine should be connected to an under the sink, remove the entire internal earthed outlet that supplies suitable voltage and current. plastic membrane.
  • Page 12 INSTALLATION Timber wedging Filler piece piece cut to suit Bench top installation 3mm gap towards the rear and lift it. 2. Adjust the machine feet according to the slope ARNING of the floor. 3. Fit your machine by pushing it undercounter without letting the hoses get crushed or bent.
  • Page 13: Preparing For Use

    PREPARING FOR USE Detergent usage Combined detergent Use a detergent specifically designed for use in domestic Detergent manufacturers also produce combined dishwashers You can find powder, gel and tablet detergents called “2 in 1”, “3 in 1” or “5 in 1” etc “2 in 1” detergents in the market that have been designed for detergents contain detergent + rinse aid When using household dishwashers Detergent should be put into the...
  • Page 14 PREPARING FOR USE WARNING CAUTION Solubility of the tablet detergents produced by different companies can vary depending on the temperature and time Therefore, it is not recommended to use such detergents in short programs It is more suitable to use powder detergents in such programs Should any problem, which you have not encountered before, arise with the use of this type of detergents,...
  • Page 15 Top basket height adjustment while it is empty LOADING YOUR DISHWASHER Turn the Rail Stop Clips, at the ends of the rails, to the If your dishes are correctly placed in the dishwasher, sides to open them (as shown in the image below), you will be using it in the best way in terms of energy then pull out and remove the basket.
  • Page 16 LOADING YOUR DISHWASHER Alternative basket loads Lower Basket Top Basket ARNING LOADING YOUR DISHWASHER...
  • Page 17 LOADING YOUR DISHWASHER LOADING YOUR DISHWASHER Lower Basket Folding Racks Folding tines (prongs) consisting of two parts that are located on the lower basket of your machine are designed in order to let you place big items easier such as pots, pans, etc If required, each rack can be folded separately, or all of them can be folded and larger spaces created You can use folding tines (prongs) in the upright position, or by folding...
  • Page 18 LOADING YOUR DISHWASHER Alternative basket loads Lower Basket * Illustration only Top Basket IMPORTANT TIPS & INFORMATION Examples of incorrect loading LOADING YOUR DISHWASHER...
  • Page 19: Maintenance And Cleaning 24

    MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING TIPS & INFORMATION IMPORTANT Cleaning the machine in regular intervals prolongs the machine’s service life Oil and lime may accumulate in the machine’s washing section. In case of such accumulation; • Fill the detergent compartment without loading any dishes into the machine, select a program that runs at high temperature, and start the machine If this is ineffective, use a specialty dishwasher cleaner...
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING TROUBLE CODE POSSIBLE FAULT WHAT TO DO Start/ Wash Pause Make sure the water inlet tap is open and water is flowing. Insufficient water Separate the inlet hose from the tap and clean the filter of the hose. Contact for service if the error continues. Continuous water input Close the tap and contact for service.
  • Page 21: Warranty

    (c) ‘ASC’ means Electrolux’s authorised serviced centres; the Appliance; (d) ‘Westinghouse’ is the brand controlled by Electrolux Home Products In addition, Electrolux is not liable under this warranty if: Pty Ltd of 163 O’Riordan Street, Mascot NSW 2020, ABN 51 004...
  • Page 22 The Electrolux Group to consumers including delivery, home service and spare parts. 52245145 R35 and WESTINGHOUSE are trademarks of Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Used under license by Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved. © 2019 Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd. WMAN_WSF6602_FACTORY_Jun19...

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