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Water Connection - Westinghouse WSF6605 User Manual

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18 westinghouse
If the door does not close correctly, loosen
or tighten the adjustable feet to level the ap-


Connect the inlet hose to a water tap with
an external BSP thread spout of 3/4".
For best washing performance it is recom-
mended to connect the appliance to a cold
water supply.
Energy savings can be made by connecting
the appliance to a Solar water system and
using economy options, however the water
temperature must not exceed 60 °C.
Once connected the inlet hose to the water
tap, turn the tap on and check that there
are no leaks.
Inlet water supply
• Water pressure: 800 kPa max - 50 kPa
• Water flow rate 10 L / minute min.
• If water pressure is in excess of 800 kPa,
a pressure reducing valve should be
used. Check for leaks.
• If water temperature is in excess of 60
°C, a tempering valve should be used.
Check for leaks.
Caution! Always use new hoses when
you connect the appliance to the water
mains. Old hoses must not be used.
The water inlet hose must be examined
at an interval of twelve months for
deterioration and replaced if necessary.
The water pressure must be in the limits,
refer to 'Technical data'.
Make sure that the local water authority
gives you the average mains pressure in
your area.
Make sure that the water inlet hose is not
bent or squashed.
Fit the hose nut correctly to prevent water
Caution! Do not connect the appliance
to new pipes or pipes that have been
not used for a long time. Let the water
run for some minutes, then connect the
inlet hose.
The water inlet hose is double-walled and
has an inner mains cable and a safety valve.
The water inlet hose is under pressure only
while the water is running. If there is a leak
in the water inlet hose, , the safety valve in-
terrupts the running water.
Be careful when you install the water inlet
• The mains cable is in the double-
walled inlet hose. Do not immerse
the water inlet hose or the safety
valve in water.
• Do not attempt to shorten the inlet
• If the water inlet hose or the safety
valve is damaged, immediately turn
off the power and remove the mains
plug from the mains socket.
• Only a qualified Service Engineer can
replace the water inlet hose with
safety valve.
Warning! Dangerous voltage
Use the supplied hose clamp to connect
the water drain hose to the sink.
The highest point of the drain hose must be
no more than 600 mm from the floor and
must have a continuous fall to the plumbing
The drain hose can be lengthened using
additional lengths and connectors. These
must be purchased from Electrolux Spare
Parts. The extension length must not ex-
ceed 2 metres.
The drain hose must be free of obstruc-

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