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Multi-party Calling; Answering Calls - Samsung Galaxy S4mini User Manual

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Multi-Party Calling

Use multi-party call features to set up a call between multiple
callers, such as for a conference call.
1. Establish the first call by answering an incoming call or
making a call.
2. Touch
. The first call is placed on hold.
3. Make the second call by entering the phone number,
then touch
4. Touch
to merge the calls into one conference call.
5. Touch
to end the call.

Answering Calls

You can answer incoming calls when the device is locked or
Touch and drag the
of the screen.
Tip: To silence the ringtone for an incoming call, press the
Volume Key.
Answer icon toward the middle
Send Calls to Voicemail
When your device alerts you to an incoming call, you can
reject the call and access voicemail, or reject the call and
send a message to the caller.
Reject a Call
Touch and drag the
of the screen.
Reject a Call with a Message
Touch and drag Reject call with message toward the
middle of the screen, then select an existing message,
or Create new message.
Note: For more information about creating reject messages,
see "Set Up Call Rejection Messages" on page 119.
Answer Call-Waiting Calls
When you receive a call while on a call:
Touch and drag the
Answer icon to answer the incoming call.
The original call is placed on hold, and remains on hold until you
end the second call, or swap calls back to the original call.
Touch Swap to place a call on hold and return to the original call.
Reject icon toward the middle


Table of Contents

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