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Samsung Galaxy S4mini User Manual Page 138

Android smartphone.
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Table of Contents
Clear personal data: Remove all personalized data you have
Privacy: Read the privacy policy.
• SwiftKey flow: Enter text by sliding your finger across the keys
on the keyboard.
• Cursor control: Slide your finger across the keyboard to move
the cursor to begin entering text.
• Key-tap sound: Play a sound when a key is touched.
• Advanced:
Auto capitalization: Automatically capitalize words in your text
based on common usage, such as at the beginning of
Auto spacing: Automatically inserts spaces between words.
Auto punctuate: Automatically enter a period and space to
end a sentence when you touch the space bar twice.
Character preview: Display the character in a bubble when
you touch it on the keyboard.
• Help: Learn about Samsung Keyboard.
• Reset setting: Return settings to the defaults.
Swype lets you enter text by sliding your finger between
letters to spell out a word. For each word, place your finger
on the first letter and slide to the subsequent letters, lifting
on the last letter.
1. From the Home screen, touch
My device
My device
2. Touch Language and input.
3. Swype is enabled by default. Touch
• Settings: Set Swype options:
Sound on keypress: Play sounds for your key touches.
Pop-up on keypress: Characters display above keys as you
enter text.
Show complete trace: Display the trace of each word until
you start the next word.
Auto-capitalization: Automatically capitalize the first word of
Auto-spacing: Automatically insert spaces between words as
you complete them.
Next word prediction: Let Swype predict the next word based
on the previous word.
Show Voice key: Display a voice entry button on the keyboard.
to configure:


Table of Contents

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