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Responsible Listening - Samsung Galaxy S4mini User Manual

Android smartphone.
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Keep your Samsung Mobile Device away from:
Liquids of any kind
Keep the mobile device dry. Precipitation, humidity, and
liquids contain minerals that will corrode electronic
circuits. If the mobile device does get wet, do not
accelerate drying with the use of an oven, microwave, or
dryer, because this may damage the mobile device and
could cause a fire or explosion.
Do not use the mobile device with a wet hand. Doing so
may cause an electric shock to you or damage to the
mobile device.
Extreme heat or cold
Avoid temperatures below 0°C / 32°F or above 45°C /
Do not try to dry your mobile device in a microwave oven.
Doing so may cause a fire or explosion.
Dust and dirt
Do not expose your mobile device to dust, dirt, or sand.
Cleaning solutions
Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong
detergents to clean the mobile device. Wipe it with a soft
cloth slightly dampened in a mild soap-and-water
solution. If the mobile device has a retractable camera
lens, do not use soap and water to clean the lens. Use a
blower or brush or lens cleaning paper dampened in a
lens cleaning solution.
Shock or vibration
Do not drop, knock, or shake the mobile device. Rough
handling can break internal circuit boards.
Do not paint the mobile device. Paint can clog the
device's moving parts or ventilation openings and prevent
proper operation.

Responsible Listening

Caution! Avoid potential hearing loss.
Damage to hearing occurs when a person is exposed to loud
sounds over time. The risk of hearing loss increases as
sound is played louder and for longer durations. Prolonged
exposure to loud sounds (including music) is the most
common cause of preventable hearing loss. Some scientific
research suggests that using portable audio devices, such as


Table of Contents

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