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Power Failure - Emergency Door Release - Miele PW 6101 Operating Instructions Manual

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Power failure - Emergency door
During a short power failure
The program remains in the last position.
When power is restored the following
message appears in the display:
Power failure
Program stop
Press Start.
^ Press h "Start" to continue the program.
Extended power failure
^ Turn the machine off.
^ Turn the electrical supply off at the mains.
^ Close the steam valve (on-site).
The machine must be drained and the drum
door opened manually to unload the
Frequently asked questions
Draining the wash water
^ Place a container under the manual drain
at the rear of the machine.
^ Open the drain by loosening the venting
screw. Do not take it completely out.
^ A small amount of water from the machine
will drain.
^ Tighten the venting screw again and test
for leaks by opening the water supply.
Open the door manually
^ Insert and hold a small screwdriver in the
opening next to the door lock.
^ Press against the door handle, then pull it
towards you to open the door.
Do not use force!
^ Remove the laundry.

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