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Operating Panel - Miele PW 6101 Operating Instructions Manual

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Guide to the washer

Operating panel

a Display*
Hot Wash
Cottons Intensive
The display will go into standby mode
10 min. after a program is started. The
display will fade. The circle illumination of
the h "Start" button lights up. By touching
any operating button or the jog shuttle the
display will switch back on (exception:
power failure or emergency stop button
b Control keys
The control keys have different functions
depending on the machine status. The
functions are shown in the display above
each button.
If programed to "Button allocation direct", the
first 6 programs from the program list can be
selected directly with the control keys 1 to 6.
c h Start button
The circle illumination flashes if a selected
program can be started. To start a program
press the "Start" button. Once a program has
started the Start button can be pressed to
show the original display.
* Contents in the display will vary with
program offering.
194 °F
140 °F
140 °F
d Optical interface PC
The optical interface on the machine's
control panel provides the connection point
for data transfer between the machine's
controls and a PC.
e Jog shuttle
Turn the jog shuttle to display selections
and input fields.
Press the jog shuttle to confirm display
selections or changes.
f Card reader
For card operation. Washing programs can
be uploaded and downloaded for the
machine on the program card. The
programs on the card can be used to
operate the washer.
g I On button
Turns the machine on.
h 0 Off button
Turns the machine off.
i Emergency Stop button
Only use in case of an emergency.
Press the red button to turn the machine off.
After clearing the danger, turn the button
clockwise to unlock it.
Press h "Start" again to continue the
interrupted program.

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