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Cleaning And Care; After Each Use; Cleaning The Exterior - Miele PW 6101 Operating Instructions Manual

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After each use

Never use high pressure cleaners to hose
down the machine.
The machine should be cleaned immediately
after use.
^ After use do not shut the drum door, allow
the interior to air dry.

Cleaning the exterior

Never use abrasive cleaners, scouring
pads, steel wool or caustic cleaners on
the machine. They will damage the
All surfaces can be cleaned with a solution
of warm water and liquid dish soap applied
with a soft sponge.
Door gasket
^ Clean any residues on the door gasket
with a damp cloth.
Stainless steel
Stainless steel surfaces can be cleaned
using a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner.
To help prevent resoiling, a conditioner for
stainless steel can also be used.
^ Apply sparingly with even pressure.

Cleaning and Care

Cleaning the drip channel and siphon
^ Insert a small screwdriver into the hole on
the right side of the detergent flap.
^ Push it in horizontally until the hinge
^ Take the detergent flap off.
^ Clean the drip channel and the siphon.
The siphon can be cleaned with a bottle
Detergent containers and siphon tube
^ Regularly clean detergent residues from
the detergent dispensers, drawers and
siphons with warm water.
^ Pull the siphon tube out, clean it with warm
water and reinsert it.

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