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Frequently Asked Questions - Miele PW 6101 Operating Instructions Manual

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Frequently asked questions

Reasons for oversudsing
Detergent type
^ Only use detergent formulated for use in
commercial washers. Detergents for
domestic machines are not suitable.
Too much detergent
^ Follow the detergent manufacturer's
instructions and adjust the amount to the
local water hardness.
Oversudsing detergent
^ Use a low sudsing detergent or contact
Miele's detergent application specialists.
Very soft water
^ In areas with soft water, use less
Soiling level of laundry
^ For lightly soiled laundry use less
Residue, e.g. undissolved detergent on
^ Run a prewash without detergent and
without selecting a temperature.
^ Laundry which has been pre-treated in
detergent before washing must be
thoroughly rinsed before running a wash
Small loads
^ Reduce the amount of detergent
dispensed accordingly.
Drum speed too high during a wash
^ Reduce the drum speed and wash rhythm.
The drum door cannot be opened
^ Press against the door handle, turn the
machine on then off and pull on the door
handle once more.
The safety mechanism of the door
handle is disengaged
The door handle has lost its function. The
door cannot be opened or closed.
The safety mechanism is designed to
protect the handle from damage, i.e. if too
much force is being used in an attempt to
open the door.
^ Firmly press against the door handle until
you hear the safety mechanism click.
The door can now be opened or closed
provided there is no water in the machine.

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