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Building-In - Westinghouse 930 Fully Integrated Care And Use Manual

Fully integrated
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Building-in features
This dishwasher is designed to be fitted under a kitchen
counter or sink.
In either case, it is essential that the recess dimensions
indicated in the picture are followed.
No further openings for venting of the dishwasher are
required, but only to let the water fill and drain hoses
and power supply cable pass through.
The recess height may be anywhere between 820
and 880 mm from the floor since the dishwasher
incorporates levelling feet adjustable over a wide
range (max 60 mm).
Adjust the height of the appliance by turning these
A distance of 2 mm should be allowed between the
top of the dishwasher and the counter top.
Fitting under a counter (kitchen worktop
or sink)
It is absolutely essential that the dishwasher is
disconnected from the electricity supply before
gaining access to any internal component.
Fit the dishwasher into the appropriate housing space
and connect it. Make sure that the water fill and drain
hoses and the power supply cable are not bent or
Fitting the panel onto the door
The door on this model is designed for the overlay of
a panel having the following dimensions:
596 mm
644 to 714 mm max
20 mm max
2 to 7.5 kg max
The panel height should not be more than what
indicated, otherwise complete opening of the door will
no longer be possible as the panel hits against the
dishwasher plinth.
Mounting of decor panel onto the door
The height of the panel depends on the height of the
plinth of adjacent kitchen units (see kitchen plinth
The panel must be fitted with a handle, as the
dishwasher handle will be hidden by the panel.
Drill the panel with a Ø 2 x 12 bit according to the
dimensions indicated in the figure.
596 max
Fix the cross bar onto the panel using four 3,5 x 16
screws provided. Reduce the length of fixing screws
according to thickness of panel.
If for aesthetic matching the panel is provided with a
false drawer (fitted or carved on the panel itself), the
two brackets provided should also be used.
Fix the brackets according to the measurements
shown in the figure, by using four 3,5 x 16 screws.
596 max
Reduce the length of fixing screws according to
thickness of panel.

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Table of Contents

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