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Protection Against Flooding - Westinghouse 930 Fully Integrated Care And Use Manual

Fully integrated
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If, after the above checks the fault persists, call your
local Service Centre. Please make sure you give the
model and serial number of the appliance. This
information can be found on the rating plate located
on the right-hand side of the dishwasher door (see
Prod.No. ........ Ser. No. .........
Mod. ........
Original spare parts can be purchased from Service
During the warranty period, customers should ensure
that the above checks have been made as the
engineer will make a charge if the fault is not a
mechanical or electrical breakdown.
Please note that proof of purchase is required for any
warranty service calls.

Protection against flooding

In order to prevent water floods, the machine has
been provided with two additional devices, having the
following characteristics:
1. In the water inlet hose (see "Water connection"):
the device comes into operation as a result of any
damage to the water inlet hose and stops the water
inflow. It functions even with the machine off.
2. In the bottom of the machine: the device comes
into operation as a result of any water leaks in the
machine and it functions only with the machine on.
To repair the machine, call the Service Centre.

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Table of Contents

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