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Adjusting The Door Balance - Westinghouse 930 Fully Integrated Care And Use Manual

Fully integrated
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Mount the decor panel by inserting the two pivots of
the cross-bar into the slotted holes of the door.
Lift the decor panel until perfect alignment with the
facia panel is obtained: if the two brackets have also
been used, they will automatically enagage in the
special holes provided on the dishwasher door.
Once the correct position has been found, open the
door and fasten the decor panel on the lower section
by means of the two long 4 x 40 screws provided,
using the holes through the inner door (see fig.).
Fixing to adjacent units
Insert the two fixing brackets into the slots provided in
the top front part of the dishwasher, as shown in the
Secure the brackets to adjacent units using two 3,5 x
16 screws using the upper or side holes.
The dishwasher must be secured against tilting.
Therefore, make sure that the counter it is fitted under,
is suitably secured to a fixed structure (adjacent kitchen
cabinets, wall).
When the dishwasher is secured to the kitchen
cabinets, be sure not to drill any holes into the
sides of the machine.

Adjusting the door balance

The door of the dishwasher is balanced when it
stands still in any position, if opened.
Fitting the decor panel may sometimes affect this
balance. In this case it will be necessary to adjust the
balance as follows:
Half-open the door and regulate the screws located
on the kick plate.
By screwing or unscrewing these screws by the same
amount, the tension of the door balancing springs is
increased or decreased respectively.
The weight of the panel should be within the limit
given in the "dimensions of the panel", otherwise
balancing the door will not be possible.
Make sure that the dishwasher door closes properly,
without any friction on the sides. Otherwise level the
machine by slightly screwing or unscrewing the two
front feet until perfect closure of the door is achieved.

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Table of Contents

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