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Building-In - Westinghouse SB916 User Manual

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This dishwasher is designed to be
fitted either under a kitchen counter or
a worksurface.
It is essential that the recess
dimensions indicated in the illustration
are followed.
No further openings for venting of the
dishwasher are required, but only to
let the water fill and drain hose and
power supply cable pass through.
The height of the recess where the
dishwasher is to be installed can vary
between 820 and 880 mm from the
floor since the dishwasher is fitted
with adjustable feet (max. 60 mm).
Leave a space of 2 mm between the
top of the dishwasher and the
underside of the kitchen counter.
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Adjusting the height of the
To adjust the height proceed as
1. Loosen or tighten the two front
2. Loosen and remove the adjustable
3. Adjust the rear foot by turning the
screw in the middle of the front
kick plate to the left or to the right.
Good levelling is essential for correct
closure and sealing of the door. When
the appliance is correctly levelled, the
door will not catch on the levelling
spacers on either side of the cabinet.
If the door does not close properly,
loosen or tighten the adjustable feet
until the machine is perfectly level.
Adjusting the height of the plinth
It is important for the dishwasher to
be absolutely horizontal so that the
door seals properly.
The adjustable feet are to be turned
to the left or right until the dishwasher
is horizontal.
If there is a space at the bottom of the
machine,this can be covered by
lowering the plinth.
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