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Delay Start Button - Westinghouse 930 Fully Integrated Care And Use Manual

Fully integrated
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5. Programme selector button
To select the required programme, press this button
until the number corresponding to the chosen
programme appears in the digital display (see
"Washing programmes" chart).
To start the programme, simply close the dishwasher
door. A long audible signal (about one second)
informs you that the programme is starting.
6. SUPER Indicator Light
This light comes on when the most energetic
programme is selected (No. 2 "Intensive" programme)
with hot prewash, suitable for pots, pans and
particularly dirty crockery.
7. Half load UPPER/LOWER pushbutton
By pressing this button, washing can be confined to a
single basket instead of both. Depress the button until
the indicator light corresponding to the basket
selected illuminates.
This is very useful and economical when only a few
dishes need washing.
Remember to load all the dishes into the basket
selected, and reduce the amount of detergent
8. ECO DRY button
By pressing this button the drying cycle will be
shortened, making a considerable energy saving.
The corresponding indicator light comes on.
9. AIR DRY button
By pressing this button the drying cycle will be
The corresponding indicator light comes on.
If both the ECO DRY and AIR DRY indicator lights
are out, the full drying cycle will be carried out.

10. DELAY START button

Note: DELAY START should be selected once
programme and options have been selected.
The start of the programme can be delayed by a
minimum of 1 hour, up to a maximum 9 hours.
How to set DELAY START
By pressing the button, "1H" will appear on the digital
display; this means that you have delayed the start of
the programme by 1 hour.
By pressing the button repeatedly, you can delay the
start of the programme up to a maximum of 9 hours.
By pressing the button one more time you go back to
the programme setting.
Press the button again to select the number of hours
by which you wish to delay the programme start, up to
a maximum of 9.
Close the dishwasher door to start the countdown: a
long audible signal (about one second) informs you
that the function is active. If you open the door again
you will see, in the display, how long there is to go (in
hours) before the programme starts. A flashing "H" in
the digital display means that the delayed start
function has been activated. Opening the door has no
effect on a countdown which has already been
11. CANCEL / programme change button
If you wish to cancel a programme which is already
running or a setting which has just been made, press
this button for about two seconds until the short
"instruction accepted" signal is heard. In the digital
display will appear two zeros "00" to indicate that the
dishwasher has been reset and that a new
programme and new options can be selected.

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Table of Contents

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