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Use Of The Upper Basket, Adjusting The Height Of The Upper Basket - Westinghouse 930 Fully Integrated Care And Use Manual

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Table of Contents
Use of the upper basket
The upper basket is designed for plates (dessert
plates, saucers, dinner plates up to 24 cm in
diameter), salad bowls, cups and glasses; these
should be arranged as shown in the diagrams below.
Glasses with long stems can be placed upside-down
in the raised cup-racks.
When loading the dishes, ensure that you do not
cover the water inlet funnel in the middle of the
upper basket.
Before closing the door, ensure that the spray
arms can rotate freely.
AS 2007
Adjusting the height of the upper basket
If washing very large plates (over 27 cm and up to 31
cm in diameter) you can load them in the lower basket
after moving the upper basket to the higher position
as follows:
- pull out the basket;
- grasp it on the two sides and pull it upwards until
the mechanism is engaged and the basket is
When the top basket is in the higher position it will
only take plates up to 20 cm in diameter and you will
not be able to use the raised cup-racks.
To put the basket back in the lower position, grasp the
two sides, pull upwards again, then allow the basket
to drop back down slowly, keeping hold of it.
Warning: never lift or lower the basket on one side

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Table of Contents

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