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Operating Sequence - Westinghouse 930 Fully Integrated Care And Use Manual

Fully integrated
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Operating Sequence

1. Check that the filters are clean
(see cleaning instructions)
2. Switch on at the main supply
3. Depress the On/Off pushbutton
The number of the last programme selected appears
in the display and the "PROGRAMMES SELECT "
indicator light flashes.
4. Check that there is salt and rinse aid
The indicator lights will flash if they need topping up.
5. Load the dishes
Remove larger scraps of food.
Pull the lower basket out and arrange the saucepans,
plates and cutlery in it.
Pull the upper basket out and arrange the plates,
saucers, glasses and cups etc. in it.
Slide the baskets back into the machine.
Ensure that the spray arms can rotate freely.
6. Measure out detergent
Pour the required amount of detergent into the
dispenser according to the indications in the "Washing
Programmes" chart and close the lid.
7. Set the programme
Press the "PROGRAMME SELECT" button until the
number corresponding to the required programme
appears in the display. The indicator light continues to
flash until the programme is started.
The following options may also be selected:
- ECO DRY: by pressing the relevant button. The
indicator light corresponding to the selection made
comes on.
- AIR DRY: by pressing the relevant button. The
indicator light corresponding to the selection made
comes on
- UPPER/LOWER: by pressing this button washing
can be confined to a single basket. Depress the
button until the indicator light corresponding to the
basket selected illuminates (upper or lower).
Always remember to load all the dishes into the
basket selected if you choose this option.
- DELAY START: by depressing this button the start
of a programme can be delayed from a minimum of
1 hour up to 9 hours.
7. Starting the wash programme
Turn on the water tap.
Close the dishwasher door.
An audible signal lasting about 1 second informs you
that the programme has started.
If a delayed start has been selected, the dishwasher
starts the countdown and the number of hours to go
before the programme start appears in the display. A
flashing H indicates that the function is active. Once
the set delay has elapsed, the programme starts
If you wish to interrupt the wash programme at any
time, press the On/Off button. To restart the machine,
press this button again and the wash programme will
resume at the point at which it was interrupted.
8. At the end of the wash programme
The machine stops automatically. An intermittent
audible signal lasting about 5 seconds informs you
that the programme has finished. In the digital display
appear two zeros "00". This signal remains until a
button is pressed.
Switch off the dishwasher by pressing the On/Off
Wait a few minutes before removing the dishes; in this
way they will be cooler and the drying will be
Empty the lower basket first and then the upper one;
this will avoid water dripping from the upper basket
onto the dishes in the lower one.
In general it is not advisable to open the door while
the machine is working; if the door is opened
however, a safety device ensures that the machine
9 Cancel the wash programme
To cancel a wash programme which is running, open
the door and press the "CANCEL" button until the
short "instruction accepted" signal (about 2 seconds)
is heard. The two zeros appear "00" in the digital
display indicating that the previous setting has been
cancelled and a new programme can now be
Care must be taken if the door is opened
during the hot phase or immediately
after a programme has finished, as
steam may escape.

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Table of Contents

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