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Adjustment Of Chair - SANYO HEC-DR8700 Instruction Manual

Massage lounger.
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Before sitting on the massage chair
Bring all parts of the massage chair to their home position by pressing
the HOME POSITION button.
Sitting on the massage chair while the foot rest is being raised is dangerous.
Be sure to lower the foot rest completely before sitting on the massage chair.
The chair will be automatically brought to its home position by pressing
the HOME POSITION button.
Install the head rest.
Hook - and - loop
Sit on the center of massage chair.
Sit deeply in the massage chair so that the waist touches the back rest.
Center of the chair
Adjust the position of the head rest.
During the massage, adjust the head rest so that it does not touch the shoulders.
Head rest
Remove the Hook -
and - loop fasteners
and pass the cord
Foot rest
Do not attempt to stand on the foot rest when
the foot rest slide position and angle are not
completely returned to the home positions.
If this is not done, the user may fall over, resulting in
an accident or an injury, and the floor may be damaged.
For safety, check that the massaging rollers are
located at their origin about shoulder height
and then sit on the chair slowly. Be sure to keep
your body straight without twisting and center
between the left and right rollers.
If it is not observed, an accident or injury may occur.
Do not swing the head rest because
it contains a weight.
If it is not observed, injury may occur.
Do not wear accessories (such as a
necklace or earrings) while massaging.
If it is not observed, an accident or
injury may occur.
Foot rest
Align the Hook - and
- loop fasteners.
Back rest


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