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Trouble-shooting - SANYO HEC-DR8700 Instruction Manual

Massage lounger.
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If the trouble still persists even after the following proper countermeasures have been taken, stop using the
massager to avoid possible accidents. Disconnect the power plug from the outlet and consult an authorized
service center. Do not attempt to repair the equipment at home by yourself, as it is very dangerous.
Sounds and sensations such as the following may occur while the massager is operating,
but these occur as part of the normal mechanism of the massager and are not the signs of
a malfunction. (They have no effect on normal functioning.)
・Rattling sound during tapping
・The sound of massaging rollers moving up and
down and the sound of kneading operation
(Knocking, clinking, rubbing or whistling sounds)
・Creaking sound caused by massaging rollers
and cloth during massaging operation.
・Gear meshing sound
Wobbling of the foot rest
Creaking or sliding sounds when reclining
Type of Trouble
Operation failure
Courses other than Air Course cannot
be selected.
Movement of massaging rollers in upward
direction, causing operation to stop.
The operation stops in the middle of
massaging in the Whole Body Sensor
Automatic Course or Automatic Course
Reclining is not possible. The foot rest
cannot be raised or lowered.
The foot rest cannot be extended.
The foot rest cannot be stored.
You feel discomfort during the operation of
reclining. (Move toward the opposite direction
temporarily, or do not move smoothly.)
The position of massaging rollers differ
between right and left.
The "Grip the Sensor" indicator remains
on the remote control display, preventing
stress/stiffness measurement.
The display of stress and stiffness differs
from the degree of stress and stiffness
actually felt.
If people who are heavier than the maximum weight (120 kg (265 lbs) or more) use the
massager, it may stop operating suddenly.
Sounds and sensations during operation
Check points
Check that the power plug is securely plugged into
the outlet.
Check that the POWER switch is set to the ON position.
Make sure that no more than one button is being
pressed at any one time.
Check if the chair is set to the BEST POSITION 2 or 3.
This phenomenon is caused by the operation of the timer, but is not a problem.
When the massaging rollers detach from the
body, the body pressure sensor will work to
stop the operation automatically.
Is it being obstructed by something?
Check if you attempt to adjust the foot rest with
the foot rest slide lever pulled.
Check that the foot rest is not extended.
This operation is conducted for safety, but is not a problem.
This phenomenon is caused by the adoption of the function of alternative tapping on the right and
left sides, but is not a problem.
Check your skin for dryness.
Check if your fingers (hand) are placed on the sensor. Place your fingers (hand) on the sensor. (See page 18)
The measurement result indicates the stress and stiffness according to the body's biological reaction
to the sensor massage, so it may differ from the stress and stiffness the user actually feels.
Massage in relaxed condition as much as possible. The degree of stiffness may not
be measured correctly when the user massages immediately after taking a bath or
is given stimulation other than sensor massage, like watching TV.
・Sound of air massaging
Whooshing sound (switching valve sound)
Hissing or blowing sound (air exhaust sound)
Sounds from the pump operating
Sound of the air bag filling up
Small sounds and shocks coming from the massaging
rollers when massaging near the waist
Bouncing movement of the massaging rollers when
they move from the back to the shoulder
Push the power plug into the outlet securely. (See page 11)
Press the POWER switch to the [ON] position. (See page 11)
Please press each button separately.
After adjusting the angle of back rest, select the
massaging button. (See page 13)
Begin the operation again from the start.
Remove the obstruction.
Adjust the foot rest with the foot rest slide lever
pulled. (See page 15)
Return the foot rest by pulling the foot rest slide
lever. (See page 15)
Press the SENSOR ADJUST button.(See page 18)
Slightly moisten your hand using hand cream and
place the fingers (hand) on the sensor again.


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