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After Use - SANYO HEC-DR8700 Instruction Manual

Massage lounger.
Hide thumbs



After use, be sure to set the POWER switch to the [OFF] position, and be sure to disconnect the power
plug from the outlet.
Bring the back rest and foot rest
to their home position.
If the foot rest is extended, pull the
slide lever and return the foot rest to
the original position.
button to bring the seat, back
rest, and foot rest to their
home position.
Be sure to check that there is no person (children
in particular), or any pets under the foot rest and
that there are no other obstructions in the way
before reclining the back rest or lowering the foot
rest or when using the stretch. In addition, do not
leave the foot rest in the raised position when not
in use.
If this is not observed, accidents or injury may occur.
Be careful not to put your hand or foot into the spaces between any moving parts, including into
the space between the back rest and arm rest or into the space at the underside of the back rest
or between the foot rest and the seat or into the space under the foot rest. Furthermore, do not
place your hands, feet or head inside the upholstery of the massager.
If this is not observed, accidents or injury may occur.
Do not attempt to adjust the foot rest slide while reclining.
If this is not done, accidents or injury may occur.
Do not attempt to stand on the foot rest when the foot rest slide position and angle are not completely
returned to the home positions.
If this is not done, the user may fall over, resulting in an accident or an injury, and the floor may be damaged.
Turn off the POWER.
When the display part of the remote control does not turn off, press the
Set the POWER switch to the [OFF] position.
Unplug the power cord from the outlet.
Close the cover of remote control.
Put the remote control and the sensor controller back on the stand.
Pull the lever toward
Pull the lever toward
you. Release when
you. Release when
desired position is
desired position is
Slide lever for foot rest
Push the foot rest
with your soles
to extend.
Foot rest
POWER switch
Raise your feet slightly
to retract.


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