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Plugging In And Ironing; Steam Ironing; Ironing With Steam Blast; Temporarily Setting The Steam Iron Aside - Silvercrest KH 1283 Operating Instructions Manual


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Water hardness
very soft / soft
very hard
The water hardness level can be queried at your
local water works.

Plugging in and ironing

Dry ironing without steam is possible at all temperatures,
steam ironing is first possible from the adjustment
on the temperature regulator 7.
• Insert the plug into a power socket.
Should the clothing care instructions forbid ironing,
), the clothing item may not be ironed.
If you do so, the clothing item could be permanently
• Check the care instructions on the labels in the
garment to see if it is suitable for being ironed,
and at which temperature setting.
• Select the best suitable temperature setting with
the temperature controller 7.
The control lamp for the temperature 6 glows.
When the set temperature has been reached, the
temperature control lamp 6 goes out.
• Wait until the temperature control lamp 6
Ratios - distilled
water to mains water
1: 1
2: 1
3: 1
• To moisten the laundry, press the spray button 4.
This function is suitable for very dry and very crumpled

Steam ironing

• Programme the steam regulator 3 to the desired
steam setting.
• The temperature regulator 7 must be turned into
at least the adjustment range
cannot produce any steam.

Ironing with steam blast

The steam blast is especially suitable for smoothing
difficult to reach parts of a garment.
• Slightly raise the steam iron.
• For a steam blast, press the steam blast button
Temporarily setting the steam
iron aside
Risk of fire!
Never leave the steam iron unattended when it is
hot or switched on.
• Place the temperature regulator 7 into the
position "MIN".
• Place the steam iron only on the cable base 8
or insert it onto the station q.
- 5 -
. Otherwise it


Table of Contents

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