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Items Supplied; Operating Elements; Before The First Use - Silvercrest KH 1283 Operating Instructions Manual


Table of Contents
• Under no circumstances should you submerge
the steam iron in any liquid or permit liquids to
penetrate into the housing of the steam iron. Do
not expose the appliance to humidity and do not
use it outdoors. Should liquids enter the housing,
unplug the appliance from the power socket im-
mediately and arrange for it to be repaired by a
qualified technician.
• Never use the steam iron adjacent to water
contained in a bath, shower, wash basin or other
vessels. The proximity of moisture presents a danger,
even when the appliance is switched off.
• You may not open the housing of the steam iron.
Permit only authorised technicians to repair a
defective appliance should repairs be necessary.
• Under no circumstances should you use the steam
iron if it bears visible signs of damage, has fallen
or leaks water. Arrange for it to be repaired by
qualified specialists.
• Should the clothing care instructions forbid ironing,
), the clothing item may not be ironed.
If you do so, the clothing item could be permanently
• The water tank is to be filled exclusively with mains
or distilled water. You will otherwise damage the
steam iron.
• You may not clean the steam iron with solvents,
alcohol or abrasive cleaning agents. These
could damage it.

Items supplied

Steam iron
Cable base
Measuring beaker
Operating instructions

Operating Elements

1 Water jet
2 Filler opening for the water tank
3 Steam regulator
4 Button for fine water spray
5 Button for steam blast
6 Temperature control lamp
7 Temperature regulator
8 Cable base
9 Power cable
0 Unlocking switch
q Station
w Cable retainer
e Ironing sole
r Self-clean button

Before the First Use

• Remove the steam iron from the packaging.
• Remove all protective coverings and protective
foils from the steam iron and from the sole of the
iron e.
• Plastic bags can be dangerous. To avoid the
risks of asphyxiation, keep plastic bags out of
the reach of toddlers and small children.
• Connect the steam iron with the cable base 8
and with the station q, should it not be attached
(see chapter "Tips for utilisation").
• Insert the plug into a wall power socket supplying
an electrical current as detailed on the rating
- 3 -


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents