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Metal Parts; Troubleshooting; Technical Data; Disposal - Silvercrest KH 1283 Operating Instructions Manual


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Metal parts

• Clean the metal components with a lightly water-
moistened cloth and a mild, non-abrasive cleaning


The steam iron blows out no or very little
The reserves of water in the steam iron are depleted.
Fill the water tank with mains water (See "Filling with
mains water").
The steam iron does not get hot:
The steam iron is not plugged in or is not switched
on. Insert the plug into a wall power socket and
adjust the temperature regulator 7 to the desired
ironing temperature.
The steam iron is defect. Arrange for the steam iron
to be repaired by qualified specialists.

Technical data

Power Supply Voltage:
max. power consumption: 2200 W
220 - 240 V ~ /50 Hz


Do not dispose of the appliance in your
normal domestic waste. This appliance
is subject to the provisions of European
Directive 2002/96/EC.
Dispose of the appliance through an approved dis-
posal centre or at your community waste facility.
Observe the currently applicable regulations. In
case of doubt, please contact your waste disposal
Dispose of all packaging materials in an
environmentally friendly manner.

Warranty and Service

You receive a 3-year warranty for this device as of
the purchase date. The appliance has been manu-
factured with care and meticulously examined be-
fore delivery. Please retain your receipt as proof of
purchase. In the case of a warranty claim, please
make contact by telephone with our service depart-
ment. Only in this way can a post-free despatch for
your goods be assured.
The warranty covers only claims for material and
manufacturing defects, not for worn parts or for
damage to fragile components, e.g. buttons or bat-
teries. This product is for private use only and is not
intended for commercial use.
The warranty becomes void in the event of abusive
and improper handling, use of force and internal
modifications not carried out by our authorized
Service Centre. Your statutory rights are not restricted
in any way by this warranty.
- 7 -


Table of Contents

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