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Taking The Steam Iron Out Of Service; Drip-Stop Function; Cleaning; Self-Cleaning Function - Silvercrest KH 1283 Operating Instructions Manual


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Taking the steam iron out of
• Remove the plug from the wall power socket.
• Empty the water tank and clean the sole of the
iron e.
• Place the cooled down steam iron on the station q
and secure it, in that you slide the unlocking
switch 0 into the position
• The power cable 9 can be wrapped and stored
around the cable retainer w on the underside of
the station q:

Drip-Stop Function

With conventional steam irons it can happen that
water drips from the iron sole e at low temperatures.
This iron however possesses a new equipment charac-
teristic, the DRIP-STOP function. At low temperatures
the iron automatically switches off the steam-blast
function. When this happens, a "CLICK" is to be
heard. You must then re-set a suitable temperature
with the temperature controller 7. As soon as this
is reached, steam production is continued.
- 6 -


Self-cleaning function

• Connect the steam iron with the cable base 8.
• Fill the water tank to the marking MAX.
• Insert the plug into a wall socket.
• Place the temperature regulator 7 into the
position MAX.
• Adjust the steam regulator 3 to maximum steam
• Allow the steam iron to heat up until the heat
control lamp 6 extinguishes and once again
• Hold the steam iron horizontally over a catchment
• Position the steam regulator 3 at the maximal
steam power level. Press and hold down the
button Self-clean r. Thereby, steam and boiling
water flows from the steam exit holes in the sole
of the iron e. Impurities that may be present are
washed out.
• Release the Self-clean button r as soon as all
of the water has exited.
• Thoroughly dry the sole of the iron e. For this,
slide the sole of the iron e back and forth over
a hand towel or an old piece of material several
• Allow the steam iron to cool down before placing
it in storage.


Risk of personal injury!
ALWAYS remove the plug before cleaning the ap-
pliance. There is a danger of electric shock! Allow
the appliance to cool down. Risk of Burns!
• Clean the housing with a soft, dry cloth only.
Do not use aggressive, abrasive or chemical cleaning
agents. These could attack the surfaces and cause
irreparable damage to the appliance.


Table of Contents

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