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Intended Use; Safety Instructions - Silvercrest KH 1283 Operating Instructions Manual


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Intended Use

The steam iron is intended exclusively for the ironing
of textiles. The iron may only be used indoors and
in private households. All other use is deemed
improper use.

Safety instructions

Risk of burns!
• Grasp the steam iron only by the handle when it
is hot.
• This appliance is not intended for use by individuals
(including children) with restricted physical, physio-
logical or intellectual abilities or deficiences in
experience and/or knowledge unless they are
supervised by a person responsible for their safety
or receive from this person instruction in how the
appliance is to be used.
• Children should be supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the appliance.
• Never hold your hand over the steam spray or
on hot metal parts.
• You should not open the filler opening of the
water reservoir while the iron is in use. First allow
the steam iron to cool down and remove the
plug from the power socket.
Risk of fire!
• Never leave the steam iron unattended when it
is hot or switched on.
• Put the steam iron into storage only when it has
cooled down completely.
• When ironing, use only the temperatures detailed in
the garment care instructions, or those suitable
for the material. Otherwise, you could damage
the textiles. Should care instructions not be given
or known, start with the lowest temperature
• NEVER permit children to use the steam iron.
• Place the station on a level and heat-resistent sur-
face. The station must be stable when you place
the steam iron onto it.
• Place the steam iron only on the supplied station
when you put it down.
Risk of electrical shocks.
• The rating of the local power supply must tally
completely with the details given on the rating
plate of the appliance.
• To avoid potential risks, arrange for a defective
appliance to be checked and possibly repaired
by qualified technicians, or contact our Customer
Service Department.
• Arrange for defective power plugs and/or cables
to be replaced at once by qualified technicians
or our Customer Service Department.
• To disconnect from the power source, pull only
on the plug itself, not on the cable.
• Never bend (kink) or crush the power cable.
Arrange it in such a way that it cannot come into
contact with hot surfaces and so that no-one can
step on or trip over it.
• After every use, before cleaning and when re-
filling with water, remove the plug from the power
• Always unroll the power cable fully before switching
on and do not use an extension cable.
• Never touch the power cable or the power plug
with wet hands.
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