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Connect Vent; Complete Installation; Changing Toa 30- Or60-Minutetimingcam - Whirlpool CSP2760TQ2 Installation Instructions Manual

Commercial stacked dryer gas (120-volt,60-hz)or electric (120/240-volt,60-hz)
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1. Using a 4" (102 mm) clamp, connect vent to exhaust outlet
in dryer. If connecting to existing vent, make sure the vent is
clean. The dryer vent must fit over the dryer exhaust outlet
and inside the exhaust hood. Make sure the vent is secured
to exhaust hood with a 4" (102 mm) clamp.
2. Using two or more people, move dryer to desired installation
location. Do not crush or kink vent. Make sure dryer is level.
3. Check dryer operation.
Select a full heat cycle, let the dryer run for at least five
minutes. Dryer wilt stop when time is used up.
NOTE: Dryer door must be closed for dryer to operate. When
door is opened, dryer stops, but time continues to count
down. To restart dryer, close door and reselect cycle.
4. Now start the dryer and allow it to complete a full heat cycle
to make sure it is working properly.
1. With dryer in final position, place level on top of the dryer, first
side to side; then front to back. If the dryer is not level, adjust
the legs of the dryer up or down until the dryer is level.
2. Plug in dryer or reconnect power.
Electrical Shock Hazard
Disconnect power before making cam changes.
Failure to follow
these instructions can result in death
or electrical
Insert a narrow, flat-blade screwdriver under the timing cam
near the clock shaft. Gently lift cam straight up and off shaft
making sure that the V-shaped notch clears the ratchet tooth.
You can install the 30-minute or 60-minute timing cam (shipped
with dryer) as follows:
1. Unplug dryer or disconnect power.
2. Unlock control panel. Lift up and rotate out from cabinet.
Control panel will still be attached to cabinet.
3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen (but not remove) timer
mounting bracket screw. Lift up to remove timer assembly
and bracket from cabinet.
4. Turn the timing cam by hand until the V-shaped notch lines up
below the ratchet tooth.
6. Place new cam (hub side down) over clock shaft. Line up flat
side of shaft with flat side of cam hole. Check that drive lug is
in place.
7. Turn cam until V-shaped notch lines up with ratchet tooth.
8. Press cam down in place on clock shaft. Make sure that
V-shaped notch clears the ratchet tooth.
9. Reattach the timer bracket assembly; then tighten the screws.
10. Repeat steps for the other timer.
11. Close and lock the control panel.
12. Plug in dryer or reconnect power.
A. Ratchet tooth
B. Timing cam
C. V-shaped notch



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