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Usage Of The Drain Hose - Haier HWM70-A User Manual

Fuzzy computeried automatic washing machine
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Install the lint filter
After opening the package, please take out the lint
filter from the document bag, install it to the filter cover
of inner tub. See to the figure.
How to change the direction of the drain hose
1.Dismount the back cover of the washing machine.
2.Lay down the washing machine gently with the front side
facing the ground. Use cross screwdriver to loosen the
eight screws. Take off the bottom plate.
3.Put down the outer drain hose. Twist the drain hose nut
counterclockwise to take it off as indicated in Figure 1.
Take off the drain hose rack. Put the drain hose into
the cabinet as indicated in Figure 2.
drain hose
Drain hose nut
Drain hose rack
Figure 1

Usage of the drain hose

The drain hose shall drain smoothly
1.The height of the drain hose shall be
less than 10cm, or the drainage will not
be smooth, and cost such long time that
the machine may stop at mid way.
2.Do not ramp or press the drain hose.
If the drain hose is too long, cut it at mid
point. To make smooth drainage, cut the
front end of the hose slantingly.
4.Dismount the protecting cover of the drain outlet at the other
side as indicated in Figure 3.
5.Extend the drain hose out of the other side. Fix the drain
hose onto the cabinet with the drain hose rack. Set the
drain hose nut on, and fasten the nut to the direction
indicated in the figure, as per Figure 4.
bottom plate
drain outlet
soft item
6.Install the protecting cover of the drain outlet to the other side,
as indicated in Figure 5.
7.Install the bottom plate (method the
same as stated above). Lift up the
drain hose nut
washing machine gently.
Figure 2
4.If extra drain hose is needed, please
make separate purchase. The inner
diameter of the extra hose shall not
less than 30mm, and the length shall
not exceed 1.5m.
If the extra hose is too long, cut it
either at A or at B point.
Before using
Before using
Before using
Before using
Inner tub
Lint filter
Figure 3
Figure 4
Page 3
Figure 5



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