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Trouble-Shootinganswers To Questions - Haier HWM70-A User Manual

Fuzzy computeried automatic washing machine
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(If there's breakdown, please pull off the power plug before checking) The following phenomena are not breakdowns
sometimes. Please confirm again before sending it to repair. If there are real breakdowns, please come to the special
maintenance department or after-sale service department of our company. Do not repair it by yourself.
It rings after starting the reserve
function. The digitron displays E0.
The drainage cannot work, or is too slow.
The digitron displays E1 and it rings.
After washing and rinsing, it stops
running during spinning. The
digitron displays E2 and it rings.
The safety switch acts, and the
spinning cannot work (after twice
automatic imbalance revising). The
digitron displays E3 and it rings.
The water inlet does not work, or is
too slow (cannot reach the water
level after about 15 minutes). The
digitron displays E4 and it rings.
The water temperature is too high.
The digital tube displays E5, and rings.
The cascade current is poor or
there's no cascade current.
Not wash
The machine
does not act.
Not spin
There's abnormal sound inside
the machine
The water faucet leaks water
No water inlet.
Common phenomena
The spinning is intermittent when it starts.
The wash procedure pauses.
Push the SPIN button, but it doesn't act.
The pulsator pauses during water filling in washing and rinsing.
There may be some water flowing out of the drain
hose in the first use of the machine.
In adding water, the pulsator performs stirring slightly

Trouble-shootingAnswers to questions

Trouble-shootingAnswers to questions
Trouble-shootingAnswers to questions
Trouble-shootingAnswers to questions
The top lid is opened.
Is the drain hose blocked?
The top lid is not closed.
Are the laundries put slantingly?
Is the machine slanting?
Is the water faucet opened, or is
there water supply failure?
Is the water inlet valve blocked?
The temperature is higher
than 60 C.
Is there foreign material blocking
the spray outlet?
Is there power failure?
Is the power plug inserted tightly?
Is the water level reached preset
Is the power plug inserted tightly?
Is the top lid closed reliably?
Are the laundries set flat?
Is the machine slanting?
Are there any foreign materials?
Are the laundries put slantingly in
Is the screw of the water inlet hose
jointer loose?
Is the screw of the water inlet hose
jointer twisted awry?
Is the power plug plugged tightly?
Is the water faucet opened?
Are the POWER ON/OFF and
START/PAUSE buttons pushed down?
How to solve
Close the top lid.
Clean the foreign material. Push
the start button again.
Close the top lid.
Reorder the laundries. Close the top lid.
Set the washing machine horizontally and
then open and close the top lid once.
Open the water faucet. Push the
Start/Pause button again.
Clean the water inlet valve then push the
Start/Pause button again.
After cooling. Press the Star/Pause knob.
Clear the foreign material.
Please use it when there's power supply.
Insert the power plug tightly.
Fill water to the preset position.
Insert the power plug tightly.
Close the top lid.
Set the laundries flat.
Adjust the machine to be even
Remove the foreign materials.
Reorder the laundries and close the top lid.
Fasten the screw of the jointer properly.
Plug the power plug tightly.
Open the water faucet.
Push the power ON/OFF button and
It is to balance the laundries to avoid slanting.
The cloth sensor is detecting the cloth. It will start
adding water after about 48 seconds.
The program is setting the drain time. A certain
period is needed before it starts spinning.
It is to avoid splashing during water filling.
It is the water remained in the machine during the
ex-factory performance inspection.
It is to soak the laundries more completely.



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