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Haier HWM70-12688NZP User Manual

Automatic washing machine
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Is the drain hose put down?
No or slow drain the digitron
Is the drain hose blocked by
foreign material?
Safety switch actuates,not spin,
Are the laundries put slantingly?
(after self-correction twice),the digitron
Is the machine slanting?
The water tap is not open.
The water inlet valve is blocked.
No or slow water filling the digitron
The water pressure is too low
and the current is too small.
The digitron displays"FA",buzzing.
Water level sensor is abnormal?
Is there power failure?
Is the power plug inserted tightly?
Not wash
Is the water level reached preset
Is the top lid closed?
The machine does
Is the power plug inserted tightly?
not act.
Not spin
Is the top lid closed reliably?
Are the laundries set flat?
Is the machine slanting?
There's abnormal sound
Are the laundries put slantingly in
inside the machine
The water tap leaks
Is the jointer of water inlet hose
loose or twisted awry?
Note: when the digital tube displays the abnormal symbol during working,it buzzs once in
succession every two minutes,then the power will be cut automatically after ten minutes.
When the power plug is inserted, computer
board indicator is switched on, and the
machine starts working.
Put down the drain hose.Open and close the top
lid once then press the
Clean the foreign material.Open and close the
top lid once,then press the
Re-order the laundries.Close the top lid and
press the
Level the machine in right position
Open the tap.Open and close the top lid once,
then press the START/PAUSE button.
Clean the water inlet walve,Open and close the
top once.then press the START/PAUSE button.
Wait for the normal water pressure before use.
Please contact with after-sales service
Use it when there's power supply.
Insert the power plug tightly.
Fill water to the preset position
Close the top lid
Insert the power plug tightly.
Close the top lid.
Set the laundries flat.
Adjust the machine to be even.
Reorder the laundries and close the
top lid.
Fasten the jointer properly.
It is the special resume function. In the case of power
failure or the power plug is loose during washing, the
machine can save the running program, and resume
the program after the power supply is recovered. You
do not need to set the program again.
1/12 2/18 3/24 4/29
5/33 6/37 7/41 8/46
500mm W 520mm H 902mm



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  Summary of Contents for Haier HWM70-12688NZP

  • Page 1 You do not need to set the program again. HWM70-12688NZP HWM60-12699NZP HWM70-12688NZP HWM60-12699NZP 1/12 2/18 3/24 4/29...
  • Page 2: After Washing

    After washing Please first pull off the power plug from the receptacle before cleaning. After using, please clean the lint and foreign materials of the lint filter and overflow filter in time. Otherwise it may influence your using the machine. The methods of dismantle and install lint filter as follows: The lint filter must be used during washing.
  • Page 3: Finish Washing

    Power 1.Push the button to switch on the power 2.Push the button to select suitable automatic program Program Program After the power is switched on,“Normal” is automatically set. To select other fully-auto program,please push the "Program” button till the corresponding indicator is light. Refer to the " Program " button on Page 12. 3.
  • Page 4 A “ ”button Power Power Power Do not stretch hands into the working machine. It is Do not decompose, repair or alter the machine by dangerous even if the rotation is slow. Take special yourself. Start care of the children. Power Pause This appliance is not intended for use by persons (...
  • Page 5: Explanation Of Buttons

    Explanation of Buttons The washing machine must be positioned so that Please plug the power cord on special receptacle (Take example for HWM70-12688NZP) with rated voltage.Be sure to use single-phase three the plug is accessible. Be sure to pull the plug off pins receptacle.The earthing terminal of the receptacle...
  • Page 6: Install The Bottom Plate

    Do not select the high water level for laundries less than Back 1.0kg for HWM60-12699NZP,do not select above 6 water level for laundries small than 2.0kg for HWM70- 12688NZP ,so as to avoid splashing of water. Adjust the installation position Start/Pause Start/Pause For HWM70-12688NZP:...
  • Page 7 For HWM60-12699NZP: 1.Dismantle the back cover of the washing machine. 2.Press the spring lamination lightly and pull the top 1.Connect the water inlet hose. Open the water faucet. Back cover segment of the drain hose decumbent then put 2.Confirm that the washing machine is earthed reliably. down the drain hose from the drain hose frame.
  • Page 8 1.Do not take off the water absorption cushion. Please check if the cushion is dropped or damaged before each usage. If it happens please contact our after-sale department immediately. 2.Put the nut of the water inlet hose on the valve jointer. 3.Fasten the nut.

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