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Haier HWM70-1201 User Manual

Automatic front loading washing machine
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AutomAtic Front LoAding WAshing mAchine
Extra Rinse
Rinse Hold



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  Summary of Contents for Haier HWM70-1201

  • Page 1 AutomAtic Front LoAding WAshing mAchine USER MANUAL hWm70-1201 hWm80-1401 Sport HWM80-1401 Spin Wash Speed Temp. Extra Rinse Rinse Hold HIGH SPEED 1400rpm...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    03 - 09 10 - 15 16- 20 tAbLe oF contents beFore use using the AppLiAnce MAINTENANCE > componenTs ........03 > > Display coDes .......18 program selecTion ......10 > preparaTion........0 > > TroubleshooTing......1 consumpTion anD Technical DaTa ..11 > safeTy insTrucTions ....05 >...
  • Page 3: Before Use

    You must produce both warranty card and proof of purchase in the event of a warranty repair being required. When you purchase any new Haier Product you automatically receive a two year Manufacturer's Warranty covering parts and labour for servicing.
  • Page 4: Preparation

    Before use prepArAtion PREPARINg ThE MAChINE remove all the packing materials prior to use, including the polystyrene base. upon opening the package, water drops may be seen on the plastic bag and the porthole. This is normal phenomenon resulting from water tests in the factory. DESCRIPTION This diagram may differ slightly from the layout of the washing machine you have just purchased due to technical improvements.
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    Before use sAFety instructions BEfORE SwITChINg ThE APPLIANCE ON fOR ThE fIRST TIME Do ... Do noT ..make sure that the transport bolts are removed..Touch or use the appliance when barefoot or with wet ... use a separate earthed socket for the power supply. or damp hands or feet.
  • Page 6: Installation

    Before use instALLAtion REMOVINg ThE TRANSPORTATION BOLTS The transportation bolts are designed for clamping anti-vibration components inside of the washing machine during the transportation process. remove the back cover. remove the four bolts on the rear side and take out the synthetic stabilisers from within the machine.
  • Page 7 Before use INLET hOSE 1. connect the nut on the inlet hose to the connector on the water valve. 2. connect inlet hose to a water tap with cold, fresh water. Note: Use the hose-set supplied with the appliance. Old hose-sets should not be reused.
  • Page 8: Control Panel

    Before use controL pAneL Mixed HWM80-1401 Wash Spin Speed Temp. Spin/Drain Extra Rinse Rinse Hold HIGH SPEED (8kg Model Shown) 1400rpm Detergent/softener Drawer rinse hold Delay Wash Temp spin speed start/pause button extra rinse program Dial leD Display power button intense button OPERATIONAL fUNCTIONS...
  • Page 9 Before use ¬ _press this button, the washing machine will perform additional rinses. press the button once to extra rinse select one additional rinse. The display will show"p-1". press the button repeatedly and the screen will display "p-2''or "p-3'', indicating two or three additional selected rinses. The "extra rinse light" is activated and flashes during the performance.
  • Page 10: Using The Appliance

    APPLiAnCe progrAm seLection PROgRAM MODES 1 Detergent compartment for prewash mode 2 Detergent compartment 3 Compartment for softener hWm70-1201 hWm80-1401 program maximum preset laundryType preset spin speed preset spin speed pre-wash ¬ - - to 90 °c 40°c...
  • Page 11: Consumption And Technical Data

    Do not use for purposes other than that for which it was designed. follow the instructions given on the label of each garment and wash only machine-washable garments. hWm70-1201 hWm80-1401 program maX.
  • Page 12: Washing Methods

    using the APPLiAnCe WAshing methods pLeAse note This washing machine is for domestic use only. if the machine is used for commercial purposes the warranty will be void. Do not use for purposes other than that for which it was designed. follow the instructions given on the label of each garment and wash only machine-washable garments.
  • Page 13 using the APPLiAnCe LOADINg ThE MAChINE HWM80-1401 Spin Wash Speed Temp. HIGH SPEED 1400rpm ¬ When first using the washing machine, let it run unloaded for one program to prevent the laundry from being tainted by oil or dirty water from the washing machine. before washing you should run the machine without laundry, but with detergent, with 60°c program.
  • Page 14: After Washing

    using the APPLiAnCe SETTINg wAShINg TEMPERATURE Mixed HWM80-140 Spin Wash Temp. Speed press and hold down the temperature button until the desired temperature is selected . Spin/Drain Extra Rinse Rinse Hold HIGH SPEE SETTINg SPIN SPEED 1400rpm press and hold down the “spin speed” (c) button until the desired speed is selected. Mixed HWM80-140 Wash...
  • Page 15 using the APPLiAnCe CARE ChART resistant material bleachable in cold water Don't dry clean Delicate fabric Do not bleach Dry flat Washable at 95 °c iron at 200 °c hung to dry Washable at 60 °c iron at 150 °c Dry on clothes hanger Washable at 40 °c iron at 100 °c...
  • Page 16: Cleaning & Care

    maintenance cLeAning & cAre AfTER wAShINg Turn off the water supply and pull out electricity plug(fig.1) after each wash. open the washer door to prevent formation of moisture and odours. if the washing machine is left idle for a long period, turn off water supply (fig.1b)drain the water in the machine and replace the drain hose.
  • Page 17: Moving The Machine

    maintenance wATER INLET VALVE AND INLET VALVE fILTER To prevent blockage to the water supply by ingress of foreign substances, clean the water inlet valve and inlet valve filter regularly. MOVINg ThE MAChINE if the machine is to be moved to a distant location, replace the transportation bolts removed before installation to prevent damage as shown below.
  • Page 18: Maintenance

    maintenance dispLAy codes DISPLAy CODES AND SPECIAL fUNCTIONS coDes causes soluTions err1 ¬ Door is not properly shut. _ shut the door properly. err2 ¬ Drainage error, water not emptied within 6 _ clean the filter and check the drain hose for blockage. if error minutes.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    maintenance troubLeshooting TROUBLEShOOTINg The following circumstances do not mean there is a fault with the appliance. contact the customer care Team when you have confirmed the problem after following the instructions below. problem causes soluTions Washing machine fails to ¬ poor connection to the power supply. _ check connection to the power supply.
  • Page 20: Important Safety Information

    Important Safety InformatIon Do not use a multiple socket extension cord. a separate earthed socket is required which shall be accessible at all times. if the mains cord becomes damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified person with a lead of the same type and rating to avoid a hazard.

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