Haier HWM70-9288 User Manual

Fully automatic washing machine
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User's Manual
Fully Automatic Washing Machine
This manual is for
Please read this manual carefully before using.
Retain it for future reference.
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  Summary of Contents for Haier HWM70-9288

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Use the operation buttons ..11  Disposal after washing ..13  Trouble-shooting Answer  to question......14 Specification ......15  This manual is for HWM70-9288 Please read this manual carefully before using.  Retain it for future reference. ...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions Meaning and description of the symbols Contents marked with that symbol are related to the safety of the product and the personal safety of the users. Please operate in strict conformity to the contents, otherwise it may cause damage of the machine or injure the personal safety WARNING of the user.
  • Page 3 In case the washing machine is installed on ground  with carpet, do not block the ventilation hole with carpet. Ensure carpet does not obstruct the opening in the bases. Do not put the machine at damp place like the ...
  • Page 4: Packing List

    Packing list Fully automatic Water inlet hose Bottom plate Tapping screws User’s manual washing machine (One Piece) Warranty card All illustrations in this Manual are  given for reference only. Your products and accessories may show differences from these illustrations due to our continuous improvement.
  • Page 5: Installation And Adjustment

    Installation and adjustment Please install and adjust the machine according to the requirement of the manual. It is very important to your security and correct operating the machine. After you open the package, please lean the washing machine gently down on soft Front items (like the towel cloth, blanket, ect.
  • Page 6 NOTE: The appliance is to be connected to the water mains using new hose-sets and that old hose-sets should not be reused. Confirm the water faucet It is required that the front end shall be longer than 10mm.  The exit end face of the faucet shall be flat and smooth.If not please file it to avoid leakage. ...
  • Page 7: Connection Between The Water Inlet Hose And The Washer

    Connection between the water inlet hose and the washer 1.Do not take off the water absorption cushion. Please check if the cushion is dropped or damaged before nut of the water each usage. If it happens please contact our inlet hose after-sale department immediately.
  • Page 8: How To Change The Direction Of The Drain Hose

    How to change the direction of the drain hose 1.Dismantle the back cover of the washing machine. 2.Press the spring lamination lightly and pull the top Back cover segment of the drain hose decumbent then put down the drain hose from the drain hose frame. Drain hose frame 3.Put down the drain hose, squeeze the drain hose lightly and take off the hook, put the drain hose into...
  • Page 9: Preparation Before Washing

    Preparation before washing Connect the water inlet hose. Open the water faucet.  Confi rm that the washing machine is earthed reliably. Then insert  the power plug into the receptacle. The earth terminal shall not link to gas pipeline and faucet water pipeline. Put down the drain hose.
  • Page 10 The capacity of washing and spinning of he machine refer to the largest weight  ofthe standard laundries under dry conditionthat can be washed or spinned in one time. One time washing quantity shall be lower than the rated capacity. The thickness, size, type of the cloth will infl...
  • Page 11: Use The Operation Buttons

    Use the operation buttons Push the button to switch on the  POWER power. On: indicate the program about to run,or indicate When the power is on, push it again to  the selected mode or indicate the water level switch off the power.
  • Page 12 "MY PROGRAM" and " + " " - " Button Press the "MY PROGRAM" button, the corresponding light is blinking indicate that the process in ready mode. Press on the "+" "-" button to adjust the corresponding light: MY PROGRAM Button Process Display Content Press "...
  • Page 13: Disposal After Washing

    Disposal after washing Please first pull off the power plug from the receptacle before cleaning.  After using, please clean the lint and foreign materials of the lint filter and  overflow filter in time. Otherwise it may influence your using the machine. Clean the detergent box and set it on the control panel seat.
  • Page 14: Trouble-Shooting Answer To Question

    Trouble-shooting Answer to question (If there’s breakdown, please pull off the power plug before checking) The following phenomena are not breakdowns sometimes. Please confirm again before sending it to repair. If there are real breakdowns, please come to the special maintenance department or after-sale service department of our company.
  • Page 15: Specification

    Phenomena Explanation The spinning is intermittent when it starts. Balance the laundries to avoid slanting. Push the “spin” button to select “Spin”, but it doesn’t The program is setting the drain time. Some time is work. needed before it starts spinning. The fi...