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Add The Detergent And Softener - Haier HWM70-A User Manual

Fuzzy computeried automatic washing machine
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3 Add the detergent and softener

Inlet for concentrated washing
powder and detergent
Detergent box
How to use the whitener
Fill water to decided level. Dilute the
whitener with container. Pour it slowly into
the washing tub.
Do not use whitener on laundries with
color or print as they are not colorfast.
The whitener shall not touch the laundries
Refer to the user's manual for the usage
and dosage of the whitener.
As to whitener in powder, please dissolve
it before using.
Standard dosage of the detergent and water quantity
Below 1.0
Softener inlet
About 66L
About 61L
About 57L
About 53L
About 49L
About 44L
About 40L
About 34L
About 30L
About 23L
Put the washing powder and softener into the detergent
box directly as indicated in the left figure.
After that, please close the detergent box. Refer to the
following table for the usage of the detergent: The
standard dosage of the detergent and the water
How to use the washing powder
Not applicable for fuzzy program and reserve
Directly dissolved in the machine:
1.Fill in small quantity of water.
2.Add the washing powder. Run for 30 seconds
to dissolve it completely.
3.Put in the laundries. Select suitable water level.
The instant dissolving of the washing powder:
1.Prepare warm water of 30
2.Add the powder into the container while
stirring to fully dissolve it.
The powder is more likely to pollute the laundries
than the detergent. Therefore please use it with
suitable quantity.
It is suggested not to use high sudsing detergent.
Washing powder with poor quality or long time
storage may be caked. Please pay attention to
cleaning the detergent box in time.
Common powder,
Add 40g in each 30L water
About 88g
About 81.3g
About 76g
About 70.7g
About 65.3g
About 58.7g
About 53.3g
About 45.3g
About 40g
About 30.7g
Using process
Using process
Using process
Using process
and a container.
Concentrated powder,
Add 25g in each 30L water
About 55g
About 50.8g
About 47.5g
About 44g
About 40.8g
About 36.6g
About 33.3g
About 28.3g
About 25g
About 19g



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