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Additional Functions - AEG 24" BS7304001M User Manual

24” built-in oven
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Table of Contents
Inserting the wire shelf and pan together
Put the wire shelf on the pan. Push the pan be-
tween the guide-bars of one of the shelf positions.


Child safety
You cannot activate the appliance on if the child safety device operates.
Activating/Deactivating the child safety device:
1. Deactivate the appliance
2. Touch and hold
3. An acoustic signal sounds.
SAFE goes on in the display when you touch any key.
If the oven has "Pyro Cleaning" function, the door is locked.
Control Lock
The Control Lock prevents you to accidentally change the oven functions.
You can activate the Control Lock only when the appliance operates.
Activate the Control Lock:
1. If necessary, activate the appliance.
2. Do the necessary settings.
3. Touch and hold
Loc goes on in the display. The Control Lock is on.
If you touch any of the sensor fields when the Control Lock, an acoustic signal operates.
To deactivate the Control Lock, touch and hold
The Control Lock does not prevent you accidentally deactivate the appliance. If you deac-
tivate the appliance, the Control Lock is off.
Settings menu
The settings menu lets you to add or remove functions from the main menu (for exam-
ple: you can set on or off the Residual heat indicator). Settings menu has maximum
. Do not set any oven function.
at the same time for minimum 2 seconds.
at the same time.
Additional functions
at the same time.


Table of Contents