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Care And Cleaning - AEG 24" BS7304001M User Manual

24” built-in oven
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Brightness of the display
There are two modes of display's brightness:
• Night brightness - when the appliance is off, the brightness of the display is lower
between 22:00 and 06:00;
• Day brightness:
– when the appliance is on;
– if you touch any of the sensor fields during night brightness (apart from ON/OFF),
the display goes back to day brightness mode for next 10 seconds;
– if the appliance is off and you set the minute minder. When the minute minder func-
tion ends, the display goes back to night brightness;
Cooling fan
When the appliance operates, the cooling fan activates automatically to keep the surfa-
ces of the appliance cool. If you deactivate the appliance, the cooling fan can continue
to operate until the appliance cools down.


Refer to "Safety information" chapter.
Notes on cleaning:
• Clean the front of the appliance with a soft cloth with warm water and cleaning agent.
• To clean metal surfaces use a usual cleaning agent
• Clean the oven interior after each use. Thus you can remove dirt more easily and it
does not burn on.
• Clean stubborn dirt with a special oven cleaner.
• Clean all oven accessories (with a soft cloth with warm water and cleaning agent) af-
ter each use and let them dry.
• If you have nonstick accessories, do not clean them using an aggressive agents, sharp
edged objects or dishwasher. It can cause a damage to the nonstick coating.
Steam cleaning
1. Remove the worst of the residual dirt manually.
2. Place water (approximately 250 ml) and 3 tablespoons of vinegar directly into the
steam generator.
3. Set Steam cleaning function (refer to sections "Oven functions").
The display shows duration of the process (15 minutes) and preset temperature (96°C).
Touch OK .
The cleaning starts.
4. An acoustic signal sounds when steam cleaning is finished.
Touch any sensor field to stop an acoustic signal.
5. Wipe out the appliance with a soft cloth.
Care and cleaning


Table of Contents