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Using The Accessories - AEG 24" BS7304001M User Manual

24” built-in oven
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• Deactivating the my favourite programme function: Touch
When the my favourite programme function operates, you can change the time and tem-


Refer to "Safety information" chapter.
Core Temperature Sensor
The core temperature sensor measures the core temperature of the meat. When the
meat is at the set temperature, the appliance deactivates.
There are two temperatures to set:
• The oven temperature: refer to the table for roasting in the recipe book.
• The core temperature: refer to the table for the core temperature sensor in the recipe
Only use the core temperature sensor supplied or original replacement parts.
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Put the point of the core temperature
sensor (with the symbol
dle) into the centre of the meat.
3. Put the plug of the core temperature sen-
sor into the socket at the front of the ap-
The display shows a flashing symbol
and the default set core temperature.
The temperature is 60 °C during the first
use, and the last set value during each
subsequent use.
4. Touch
5. Touch
ically after 5 seconds.
You can set the core temperature only when the symbol
a static symbol
new value.
6. Set the oven function and, if necessary, the oven temperature.
The display shows the current core temperature and
between the set oven temperature and the current oven temperature).
The core temperature sensor must stay in the meat and in the socket during the cooking.
on the han-
to set the core temper-
or the settings save automat-
before you set the core temperature, use
Using the accessories
flashes. If the display shows
(which shows the relation
to set a


Table of Contents