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Inserting The Oven Accessories - AEG 24" BS7304001M User Manual

24” built-in oven
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Table of Contents
Using the accessories
While the appliance calculates the approximate duration time, the value of the Count Up
Timer function shows in the Timer/Residual heat display. When the first calculation ends,
the Timer/Residual heat display shows - , and then the approximate duration of the cooking.
The appliance continues to calculate the duration during the cooking. The display up-
dates at intervals with the new duration value.
7. When the meat is at the set core temperature, the core temperature and
An acoustic signal sounds for two minutes.
Touch a sensor field to deactivate the acoustic signal.
8. Remove the core temperature sensor from the socket and remove the meat from the
Be careful when you remove the core temperature sensor. It is hot. There is a risk of burns.
9. Deactivate the appliance.
When you put the core temperature sensor into the socket, you cancel the settings for
the clock functions.
When you cook with the core temperature sensor, you can change the temperature
shown in the Temperature/Time display. After you put the core temperature sensor in the
socket and set an oven function and temperature, the display shows the current core tem-
again and again to see three other temperatures:
• The current core temperature
• The oven set temperature
• The current oven temperature.
The set core temperature changes into current core temperature and current oven tem-
perature changes into set oven temperature.

Inserting the Oven Accessories

The pan and the wire shelf have side edges.
These edges and the shape of the guide-bars cau-
ses the anti-tilt safety for the oven accessories.


Table of Contents