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Electrical Connection - AEG 24" BS7304001M User Manual

24” built-in oven
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• Make sure that the appliance is installed below and adjacent safe structures.
• Keep the minimum distances to the other appliances and units.
• The appliance cannot be positioned on a base.
• Built in ovens and built in cooking surfaces are attached with special connection sys-
tem. To prevent damage to the appliance, only use an appliance with the appliances
from the same manufacturer.

Electrical connection

• The appliance must be earthed.
• Make sure that the electrical data on the rating plate agree with your domestic power
• Information on the voltage is on the rating plate.
• Always use a correctly installed shockproof socket.
• Do not use multi-way plugs, connectors and extension cables. There is the risk of fire.
• Do not replace or change the mains cable. Contact the service centre.
• Make sure not to squash or cause damage to the mains plug (if applicable) and cable
behind the appliance.
• Do not pull the mains cable to disconnect the appliance. Always pull the mains plug –
if applicable.
• The appliance is only for domestic use. Do not use the appliance for commercial and
industrial use.
• Only use the appliance for domestic cooking tasks. This is to prevent physical injury to
persons or prevent damage to property.
• Do not use the appliance as a work surface or storage surface.
• The interior of the appliance and the accessories become hot during use. There is the
risk of burns. Use safety gloves when you insert or remove the accessories or pots.
• Be careful when you remove or install the accessories to prevent damage to the oven
• Always stay away from the appliance when you open the door while the appliance is
in operation. Hot steam can release. There is the risk of skin burns.
• To prevent damage or discoloration to the enamel:
– do not put any objects directly on the appliance floor and do not cover it with alu-
minium foil;
– do not put hot water directly into the appliance;
– do not keep moist dishes and food in the appliance after you finish the cooking.
• Discoloration of the enamel has no effect on the performance of the appliance so it is
not a defect in the sense of the warranty law.
• Do not apply pressure on the open door.
• Always close the appliance door when you cook, even while grilling.
Safety information


Table of Contents