General Safety Instructions - Electrolux EGL4401X Use & Care Manual

Outdoor grill with electronic ignition
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You MUST read these warnings carefully before installing or using the
appliance. If you need assistance, contact our Customer Care Centre.
Keep this instruction book for future reference and ensure it is passed on to any
new owner.
It is mandatory that all operations required for the installation are carried out
by a qualified or competent person, in accordance with existing rules and
Remove all packaging before using the appliance
Once you removed all packaging from the appliance, ensure that it is not
damaged and in perfect condition. Otherwise, contact your dealer before
proceeding with the installation.
Do not attempt to modify the appliance in any way.
It is dangerous to alter the specification in any way.
Any gas installation must be carried out by a registered competent person,
and in accordance with existing rules and regulations.
The manufacturer will not accept liability, should the above instructions or any
of the other safety instructions incorporated in this book be ignored.
This appliance is designed to be operated by adults. The appliance gets hot
when it is in use. Do not allow children to play near or with the appliance.
Children should be kept away until it has cooled. Children can also injure
themselves by pulling pans or pots off the appliance.
Ensure a good ventilation around the appliance. A poor air supply could cause
lack of oxygen.
Do not use this appliance if it is in contact with water. Do not operate the
appliance with wet hands.
Ensure the control knobs are in the 'OFF' position when not in use.
When using other electrical appliances, ensure the cable does not come into
contact with the hot surfaces of the appliance.
Never leave the appliance unattended when cooking with oil and fats.
Never use plastic or aluminium foil dishes on the appliance.
Perishable food, plastic items and aerosols may be affected by heat and
should not be stored above or below the hob unit. Never use the appliance as a
working space. Do not store things on the appliance.

General Safety Instructions


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Table of Contents

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