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Outdoor grill with electronic ignition
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Using the Rotisserie & Side Burners
Note: ROTISSERIE KIT is an accessory and must be
purchased separately and is only available on some markets.
Open the lid. Push and turn the
control knob counter clockwise to the
"HIGH" position. Wait 5 seconds. Then
press and hold the electronic ignitor
button. You'll hear a snapping sound. If
the burner does not light in 4 seconds,
turn the control knob to OFF and wait
5 minutes before trying again.
Once lit, turn the control knob to the
desired setting. (See Fig. 16)
(If the ignitor does not function, the
burner can be lit by holding a lit match
to the burner while the control knob is
turned counter clockwise to "HIGH".)
(See Fig. 17)
NOTE: After the first use the stainless
steel around the burner will
darken. This is a normal
occurrence of the non-rusting,
stainless steel used on the
grill. The infrared panel will
also darken after initial use.
This is a normal occurrence.
NOTE: Do Not operate the
main burners and
infrared back burner
at the same time.
Fig. 16
Fig. 17

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Table of Contents

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