Built-In Instructions - Electrolux EGL4401X Use & Care Manual

Outdoor grill with electronic ignition
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Start by identifying the number and size of components you want to include:
Grill, side burner, access doors for storage or other items you may wish to furnish
such as: refrigerator, sink, warming drawer. Countertops must be constructed
with non-combustible, outdoor-safe materials. Consider outdoor lighting to
illuminate after-dark Grilling. Review the drawings on the following pages to
determine the exact dimensions and items needed for a built-in Grill. Keep in
mind that the gas line hook-up is on the right hand side for the main Grill head.
The structure, Grill and support items must be kept level throughout the
installation to ensure proper operation.
Take into account convenience and visual impact as well as traffic flow, wind
exposure, and the site's structural suitability. The Grill should never be placed in
an enclosed area without an approved ventilation system, or beneath a
combustible overhang. Because the Grill exhausts to the rear, it should never be
located in front of a window or less than 30 cm from hard-to-clean surfaces.
We recommend keeping your gas supply lines as short as possible for best
performance. To ensure a perfect fit, we strongly recommend that you have all
components on hand prior to final construction.
For your safety a minimum of 8 cm clearance from the back of the Grill to
non-combustible construction is required.
You should allow at least 15 cm side clearance to non-combustible
construction. The Electrolux Grill can be placed directly adjacent to non-
combustible construction below the cooking surface.

Built-In Instructions

for model EGL4401X
The Electrolux Grill: model EGL4401X can be installed as a
built-in Grill. If installed as a built-in Grill, the Grill surround
must be constructed of Non-combustible material.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents