Using The Rotisserie - Electrolux EGL4401X Use & Care Manual

Outdoor grill with electronic ignition
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Using the Rotisserie & Side Burners
Note: ROTISSERIE KIT is an accessory and must be
purchased separately and is only available on some markets.
The grill rotisserie system is designed to cook items from the back using
infrared heat. The rotisserie burner is an infrared type which provides intense
searing radiant heat. Preferred by chefs over other cooking methods, this intense
heat is magnificent for searing in the natural juices and nutrients found in quality
cuts of meats.
Once lit, the rotisserie burner will reach cooking temperatures in 1 minute.
The orange/red glow will even out in about 5 minutes. The rotisserie motor is
equipped with metal gears and is capable of turning up to 9 kg of food. The
motor is mounted on a bracket on the left side of the grill by sliding the motor
over the bracket with the cord facing the back of the grill. Make sure the motor is
straight prior to operating.
This appliance (rotisserie motor) is equipped with a
grounding plug for your protection against shock
hazard and should be plugged directly into a properly
grounded receptacle. Do not cut or remove the
grounding prong from this plug.

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