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Gas Requirements; Setting Up The Barbecue; Fitting The Slimline Lid Or Roasting Hood - Electrolux EQBL100AS User Manual

Integrated barbecue
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8 gas requirements/setting up the barbecue/fitting the lid or hood electrolux integrated barbecue

Gas requirements

Natural Gas requirements
• T he enclosure must be constructed so that access can
be gained to the Natural Gas regulator at all times.
• F or Natural Gas the gas supply is required to be
connected to 1.2m flexible hose supplied and therefore
must be located within this distance
• T he flexible hose has a quick connect gas coupling.
The corresponding mating fitting will be required at the
gas supply end.
• F or pipe sizing requirements for supply pipe refer to AS5601.
Universal LPG Requirements
• I f an LPG bottle is to be stored in the enclosure under
the barbecue unit, it must be isolated from the barbecue
unit with a non-combustible panel. The enclosure must
comply with the requirements of AS5601.
• A S5601 ventilation requirements for cylinder storage are:
Where of sheet metal or similar impervious construction
there shall be ventilation openings at the top and
bottom of the enclosure or recess, each opening
providing a free area of at least 200cm
cylinder enclosed.
front of enclosure removed
for clarity
at least 30mm clearance between
bottom of barbecue and barrier

Setting up the barbecue

Setting up the barbecue in mounting enclosure
• A match holder with attached chain has been included
with the instruction manual. This is provided for manual
ignition in the event the automatic ignition does not work.
The free end of chain is required to be permanently
fixed to the installation in a location that enables the
match holder to reach each burner (refer to page 9 for
manual lighting instructions).
• A fter the enclosure has been constructed as described
on page 6, position the assembled barbecue into the
cut-out hole.
• C heck that the barbecue is level and is firmly supported.
When barbecue is level hotplate and grills will slope
downwards towards front for drainage.
• C onnect to gas supply (Universal LPG or Natural Gas)
and leak test.
• F or fitment of the slimline lid or roasting hood (see right).
for every
cut hole in non- combustible
barrier for hose only
non-combustible barrier
required under barbecue

Fitting the slimline lid or roasting hood

Fitting of slimline lid
• U npack the slimline lid.
• R emove side screws from barbecue trim surround using
allen key supplied.
• F it brackets to trim surround with the same screws.
• Fit lid to brackets.
Fitting of roasting hood
• Unpack the roasting hood.
• R emove side and rear screws from barbecue trim
surround using allen key supplied.
• D ue to the size of the roasting hood, it is recommended
that two people place the roasting hood into position.
• W hen fitting roasting hood assembly, take particular
care to avoid scratching of the external trim.
• O nce in position, fix hood assembly to trim surround
with same screws.

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