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Up And Down Buttons; Menu Button; Mode Button; Fan Button - GE CC-SCSTAT Installation Manual

General electric thermostat user manual
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Up and down buttons

The Up and Down buttons adjust the setpoint temperature. Press Up to increase the setpoint value by one
degree and press Down to decrease the setpoint one degree. Pressing and holding a button down will cause the
setpoint to continuously change until the button is released. The setpoints can be set from 6 to 109° (F or C),
unless limited in the installer settings.
You cannot lower the cooling setpoint below the heating setpoint. The thermostat will push the heating setpoint
lower if you try to lower the cooling below the heating setpoint. It maintains a setpoint delta separation
between heating and cooling setpoints. The same is true for raising the heating setpoint above the cooling
setpoint. Again, the thermostat will push the cooling setpoint up to maintain the setpoint delta separation.

Menu button

The Menu button changes the screen display to the Main menu screen that shows other functions available on
the thermostat. These are dynamic and can change with the version of the thermostat you have, but the standard
ones include:
Messages screen
Schedule setup screen
User settings screen
Thermostat information screen

Mode button

The Mode button controls the HVAC system mode. The current mode selected is displayed above the button.
Pressing the Mode button will cause the mode and display to change to the next mode. The mode cycles
through the following modes with each press of the Mode button.
Off mode. The system is off. No heating or cooling will come on. If it was on, the system will turn off.
Heat mode. Only heating operation will occur.
Cool mode. Only cooling operation will occur.
Auto mode. Heating or cooling will come on according to the heating and cooling setpoints. The system
will automatically switch between heating and cooling when the temperature exceeds the setpoints.
EH mode. This mode is only displayed when Heat Pump HVAC system type is selected. When there is a
compressor failure with the heat pump system, setting the mode to EH will allow the supplemental heat to
come on whenever there is a heat call to provide heating. It also disables the compressor outputs to prevent
further damage to the system.

Fan button

The Fan button controls the HVAC system's manual fan. The current manual fan mode is displayed above the
button. Normally this button is in the Auto mode (the system fan is automatically controlled by the HVAC
system). Pressing the Fan button once will turn the manual fan operation on. Pressing it again will turn the
manual fan off and return to the Auto mode. Changes in the fan mode are sent to the control unit.
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