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Sensor Calibration Screen - GE CC-SCSTAT Installation Manual

General electric thermostat user manual
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SmartCommand Thermostat
Installation Manual

Sensor calibration screen

The Sensor calibration screen (Figure 10) is a sub screen of the
calibration screen allows you to change the temperature calibration for the internal and any external remote
temperature sensors attached to the thermostat. You can change the temperature calibration by ± 7 degrees.
When the Sensor calibration screen is selected it will show the internal and all detected remote sensors. Each
sensor found will show the current temperature and the current number of degrees of offset being applied. In
the screen, n/a indicates that the remote sensor is not attached.
To change the temperature calibration, press Up or Down to select the internal or remote sensor. Once selected,
press Plus (+) or Minus (-) to change the temperature calibration to the desired setting.
Press Refresh (right blank button) to update the information on this screen.
When you change a temperature calibration and exit this screen, it may take a few seconds for the new temperature to
be displayed on the
Figure 10. Sensor calibration screen
Screen navigation buttons include:
Done. Return to the
Plus. Increase the temperature by one degree.
Minus. Decrease the temperature by one degree.
Refresh. Blank button. Refresh screen temperatures.
Up. Move selection pointer up.
Down. Move selection pointer down.
Thermostat control screen
Remote 1
Remote 2
Remote 3
Main menu screen
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User settings screen
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Sensor Calibration
(75) 1
n/a 0
n/a 0
n/a 0
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