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GE CC-SCSTAT Installation Manual page 22

General electric thermostat user manual
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SmartCommand Thermostat
Installation Manual
Screen options include:
Display lock: Y or N (default N). Use this setting to lock or unlock the thermostat wall display unit
buttons. When the buttons are locked (Y), you can still access the Menu screen, but you will not be allowed
to select any menu options. The Installer settings screen hidden button operation is always operational,
allowing you to return to this screen and turn the display lock off.
Service mode submenu: Y or N (default N). Use this setting to turn on the service mode. When the
service mode is on (Y), it sets the thermostat to a test mode with short delays. All routine and staging
delays are reduced to 15 seconds to speed up system checkout and testing.
CAUTION: The compressor short cycle protection is lost in this mode.
Network settings submenu.
Network address: 1 to 254 (default 1). Use this setting to set the serial communication network
address (0 and 255 are reserved addresses).
Autosend: Y or N (default N). Use this setting to turn on the autosend. If autosend is on (Y), it sends
a network message when there is a change in temperature, setpoints, and mode. If autosend is off (N),
it is in polled mode and only responds to polling requests.
Maximum heating setpoint: 10 to 109 (default 109). Set the maximum heating setpoint that is allowed.
Will not ramp or accept setpoints higher than this maximum.
Minimum cooling setpoint: 6 to 110 (default 6). Set the minimum cooling setpoint that is allowed. Will
not ramp or accept setpoints lower than this minimum.
Minimum run time: 1 to 9 minutes (default 6). Set the minimum run time before a heating/cooling
cycle can turn off.
Minimum off time: 5 to 9 minutes (default 6). Set the minimum off time before another heating/cooling
cycle can begin. Five minutes minimum is the compressor short cycle protection delay.
Delta T settings submenu. This is a submenu of the delta, or difference between, the setpoint and current
temperature for determining when a heat or cool call comes on. Deltas are the number of degrees away
from setpoint.
H/C delta: 3 to 15 degrees (default 4). Set the minimum separation between heating and cooling
setpoints. Attempts to lower the cooling below the heating setpoint by this amount will push the
heating setpoint down to maintain this separation. In the same way, attempts to set the heating setpoint
above the cooling setpoint will push the cooling setpoint up to maintain this separation.
Heating delta stage 1 on: 1 to 8 degrees (default 1). Set the delta from setpoint that stage 1 heating
starts. Stage 1 turns off at setpoint.
Heating delta stage 2 on: 1 to 8 degrees (default 3). Set the delta from setpoint that stage 2 heating
starts. Stage 2 turns off at setpoint.



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