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Schedule Setup Screen - GE CC-SCSTAT Installation Manual

General electric thermostat user manual
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Schedule setup screen

The Schedule setup screen allows you to review and set the setback schedule for the thermostat. The thermostat
has a 4 by 7 schedule. Four times a day can be selected for heating and cooling setpoints. Each day of the week
can have a different schedule. Groups of days can be copied with the same schedule. When the thermostat is set
to run mode, the schedule will be executed daily, with the setpoints being changed as per that day's schedule
stored in the thermostat. Hold mode stops the scheduled operation and holds the current setpoints until changed
manually or by network commands.
The Schedule setup screen (Figure 5) gives you the option of setting a custom setback schedule or the option to
load one of two preset schedules.
Figure 5. Schedule setup screen
Screen options include:
Heat and cool. Change the individual day/hour and setpoints for the heating and cooling schedule (see
Heat and cool schedule screen
Preset: Comfort. Load the comfort schedule into the thermostat. This is a preset schedule with mild
Preset: EnergyMiser. Load the EnergyMiser schedule into the thermostat. This is a preset schedule with
deeper setbacks.
Screen navigation buttons include:
Done. Return to
Main menu screen
Select. Select the schedule to view or modify.
Up. Move selection pointer up.
Down. Move selection pointer down.
Select Schedule
Heat and Cool
Preset: Comfort
Preset: EnergyMiser
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