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GE CC-SCSTAT Installation Manual page 40

General electric thermostat user manual
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SmartCommand Thermostat
Installation Manual
DIP switch SW1 settings
White indicates a switch is in the On position. Set the DIP switches as follows:
SW1-S1. HVAC system type selection. Standard or heat pump.
Set S1 to Off (STD) for gas/electric systems (default setting).
Set S1 to On (HP) for heat pump systems.
SW1-S2. This is a dual-use switch that depends on the switch S1 setting.
If S1 is set to Standard HVAC system type, then S2 selects the HVAC fan type.
Set S2 to Off for gas systems that normally do not require fan w/heat operation (default setting).
Set S2 to On for electric systems that normally do require fan w/heat operation.
If S1 is set to Heat pump operation, then S2 selects the changeover valve operation.
Set S2 to Off for changeover with cooling (default setting).
Set S2 to On for changeover with heating.
If the heat pump supplies heating when you expect cooling or vice versa, change the SW1-S2 switch.



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