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GE CC-SCSTAT Installation Manual page 34

General electric thermostat user manual
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SmartCommand Thermostat
Installation Manual
RS485 protocol
The thermostat has a robust serial protocol. It is based on a simple ASCII message format as described in the
Serial Communications Protocol manual, DCN: 150-00225.
Not all of the commands/variables defined in the protocol document are applicable to the SmartCommand thermostat,
check Section 8 of the protocol manual for details.
Thermostat network commands
Serial commands received by the control unit can set a new setpoint or a new mode and when received, they
are sent to the WDU to update its display.
The thermostat also responds to request for status by serial commands and can provide all thermostat data and
setup information as well as the current revisions of the WDU and controller firmware.
The following thermostat information can be sent or requested from the thermostat by the serial protocol:
Heating setpoint
Cooling setpoint
System mode
Fan mode
F/C mode
HVAC output status
Network address
Any system variable
System firmware revisions



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